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Theatre to inspire change

We create inventive, ecological themed productions for children aged 3-11 and their communities, suitable for a variety of settings.

Current Productions

Eco Drama - Theatre - The Whirlybird

The Whirlybird

A funny, playful and moving piece of visual theatre for 3-7 year olds about learning to fly, encouraging one another and finding joy and inspiration in nature.

“A delightful show… slips from hilarity to pathos with ease, and keeps the children transfixed.”

★★★★ Lorna Irvine, The List

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Eco Drama - The Forgotten Orchard. A man dressed up in a silly costume with a garden hose and apple whispers a secret to a woman who listens eagerly.

The Forgotten Orchard

A show dedicated to apples, a food with a truly fascinating history, as seen through the eyes of Katy and her Grandad.

“Informative but entertaining…it succeeds by putting its story and characters first…a superb piece of storytelling.”

★★★★ Thom Dibdin, The Scotsman

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Past Productions

Eco Drama - Uprooted - actors with teacups


“Fantastic show, imaginative, musical, whimsical. Growing plants is the way forward. Thank you!”

Audience Member – Merchant City Festival

Uprooted was a unique theatre production for children and families, fusing live performance, music and living plants with innovative stage design.
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Eco Drama - The Worm

The Worm – An Underground Adventure

“The performance was simply spot on and the children thoroughly engaged and delighted. It is days like today that make me glad to have become a teacher.”

Mrs McDermott, St Mungo’s Primary

Underneath your feet in the muddy brown soil squirms the world’s best kept secret… a wonderful, magical creature called the Worm.
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Eco Drama - The Listening Tree

The Listening Tree

Sithy is a tree spirit. It’s their job to listen to all the secrets of all the trees, all across Scotland. Trees listen to everything, you see, and oh the stories they can tell! There are fun secrets, funny secrets, secrets from all the animals and all the people.
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Eco Drama - The Worm Inspectors

The Worm Inspectors

It was great I couldn’t take my eyes off the Worm Inspectors. They told us information and made it so fun. It was fantastic!

Brodie, P4 Pupil, Our Lady of Missions Primary

Visiting your school from the special ‘Sector W’, The Worm Inspectors will help learners to understand the life of a worm, the value of food waste and how to create a worm’s ideal menu.
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Eco Drama - The Isle of Egg

The Isle of Egg

“. . . the play had the kids in the audience shouting for more and the adults in gales of laughter . . . it should be taken on a national tour of primary schools”

Rob Gibson, MSP, John O Groat Journal

Eco Drama’s first ever production, devised for ages 7+. Launched on the real island of Eigg in 2009, this show has toured extensively in schools, community venues and festivals, including visits to most of Scotland’s island communities.
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