The Worm – An Underground Adventure

Children aged 3-7 years, their parents and carers

2013 - 2018

“The performance was simply spot on and the children thoroughly engaged and delighted. It is days like today that make me glad to have become a teacher.”

Mrs McDermott, St Mungo’s Primary
Eco Drama - The Worm


Underneath your feet in the muddy brown soil squirms the world’s best kept secret… a wonderful, magical creature called the Worm.

Join Wilma and William, two nature lovers, on a journey underground as they discover a family of friendly, musical worms and their colourful miniature world.

Audiences are invited to sit on the grass as the adventure story unfolds, involving charming finger puppetry, colourful bobble hats, live cello music, and the reveal of an exciting miniature set. With laugh out loud songs, The Worm is a fun filled, friendly theatre experience guaranteed to make everyone giggle, wiggle and love the squirmy wonders beneath our feet.

After the performance, the audience are invited to see some real worms in a specially designed wormery.

The Worm has been touring schools, nurseries, theatres, festivals and community venues across Scotland since 2013. It performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 at Summerhall, where it was shortlisted and then a finalist for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award. The show went on to perform at the 2015 Puppet Animation Festivaland was invited back for the 2016 and 2018 Festivals.


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Tour Dates

2013 – 2018

“…manages to keep its audience of tinies enthralled simply through some excellent storytelling…a sweet little piece which will give younger children a gentle introduction to ecology but, more importantly, keep them engaged and amused for the whole 60 minutes.”  Full Review

★★★★ Broadway Baby

“…a smashing wee show that just maybe planted the seeds from which a new generation of eco-warriors will grow.”  Full Review

★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

“…a lovely intimate show for wee ones. I loved the sensory elements, surprising set and bobble hats…the show brought me a new-found respect for worms and the children were fascinated.”

Kirsty White, Glasgow Arts

“The show fitted well with their eco learning, helping communicate the idea of composting, the role of the worm in our world and how we can use compost to help plants.”

Nursery Teacher, Haghill Park Nursery

“Visual, musical and colourful – the children were enthralled from start to finish.”

Aultmore Park Primary

“Fantastic. Children were captivated from the onset. Discussion afterwards highlighted their obvious enjoyment. I felt the need to compliment the 2 performers after the show and tell them that this was one of the best shows I had ever seen in a school.” 

Sharon Barclay, Aultmore Park Primary

“The show was fantastic…the actors and script were fabulous and the music so inventive.”

M McDaid, St Vincents Primary

“Everyone absolutely loved it. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a while – it was just great for adults and children. All the feedback was positive and we would gladly have you all back again.”

Kelsey Jubin, Borders Science Festival

“Dear ‘Wilma’ and ‘William’ and the crew,

We brought our kids to see The Worm today and absolutely loved it! We just wanted to thank you for creating a really lovely, magical and special experience for us all.  What an incredible connection you build with your audience. The music and soundscape was genius. Thank you again!”

Aly, Audience member at the Festival Studio, Edinburgh

Devisor/Performer: Caroline Mathison
Devisor/Performer: Alistair Edwards
Devisor/Director: Emily Reid
Designer: Claire Halleran
Dramaturg: Katrina Caldwell
Knitted Hats: Hazel Darwin-Edwards
Graphic Designer: Ben Cormack

Suitability: Children aged 3-7 years, their parents and carers. Touring nurseries, schools, festivals, theatres and community venues.

Running time:  40 minute performance + 20 minutes viewing real worms in our specially designed wormery.

Resources: Activity Pack, Seeds, Knitted Finger Bobble Hats, Wormery & Kitchen Caddy (dependent on availability).

This multi-sensory, playful and musical piece of theatre inspires its young audience about the wonder of worms, encouraging an emotional and sensory connection with our living world. Through an engaging story, live and looped cello music and a surprising set, The Worm engages young children with the hidden creatures beneath our feet and their important role in sustaining our world.

The story weaves in themes of recycling in nature and composting food waste and taps into children’s natural curiosity to discover nature.

It’s about trying something new, going on that adventure, and conquering our fears.

Through this fun and engaging show and post-show wormery activity, children’s learning is motivated in Science, Social Studies, Expressive Arts, both in the classroom and in outdoor learning. The theatre piece also relates well to the Eco Schools topics of Biodiversity, Waste and School Grounds, and compliments Learning for Sustainability.

Number of performances to date: 323
Audience members reached to date:
School wormeries set up to date:

Glasgow Nurseries and Schools Tour 2013 – 31st May-30th June 2013

Glasgow Nurseries, Schools and Theatres Tour 2014
January – September 2014

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014
Summerhall August 2014, Finalist Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

Puppet Animation Festival Tour
March – April 2015

East Renfrewshire Nurseries and Schools Tour 2015
April – May 2015

Puppet Animation Festival Tour
March – April 2016

Renfrewshire Schools Tour 2016
May – June 2016

Scottish Theatres and Venues Tour
Various theatres, community venues and festivals
April 2016 – March 2017

Scottish Theatres and Venues Tour 2017 – various theatres, community venues and festivals
April 2017 – November 2017

Puppet Animation Festival Tour
25th March – 14th April 2018

Scottish Schools, Theatres and Venues Tour 2018 – various theatres, community venues, schools and festivals
March, April, June, July, October 2018

The Worm has performed in theatres, venues and festivals including: Platform’s Play Café, Festival Theatre, Dundee Rep, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Merchant City Festival, The West End Festival, The Children’s Wood, Green 2014 at the Lighthouse, Borders Science Festival, Catch Festival, East Renfrewshire’s Early Years Festival, Paisley Arts Centre, Lochgelly Centre, The Lemon Tree, Adam Smith Theatre, Harbour Arts, Callander House, amongst others and is a Legacy Project for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.


The Worm was created with support from Awards for All and is a project part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games Legacy for Glasgow.

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