The Listening Tree

Children aged 3-11 years and their families in public spaces

May - June 2021


What sounds do the trees make?

Rustling. Whooshing. Whispering.

Sithy is a tree spirit. It’s their job to listen to all the secrets of all the trees, all across Scotland. Trees listen to everything, you see, and oh the stories they can tell! There are fun secrets, funny secrets, secrets from all the animals and all the people.

The Listening Tree is a walking character experience for all the family. Find yourself entranced and intrigued by this mysterious tree spirit and their stories, brought to life with real plants! Learn how to listen to the trees, and find a new way to play in the green spaces all around us.

We are open to tailoring the piece to other natural wooded spaces across Scotland. If you would like to explore the possibility of booking The Listening Tree, please get in touch with Emily Reid to discuss your proposal.


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Tour Dates

May – June 2021

Writer & Dramaturg: Zoe Bullock
Director: Emily Reid
Designer: Mona Kastell
Performer: Sarah Miele / Saffron Gillies

Produced by Imaginate for the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival 2021
Produced by Eco Drama for Eastwood Park Theatre.

Recommended Age: Children aged 3-11 years and their families in public spaces.

Running time: 20 minutes per performance, with 6-8 showings throughout one day.

The Listening Tree is an experience for all of the family to enjoy outdoors, and takes small groups on an imaginative journey through beautiful, natural surroundings.

The Listening Tree is a collaboration between Eco Drama’s Artistic Director Emily Reid and writer Zoe Bullock which first premiered at the International Children’s Festival at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens in May-June 2021. It was subsequently produced by Eco Drama, delivering bespoke performances for Eastwood Park Theatre, set in the forest grounds surrounding the theatre.


Supported by the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival

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