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Creative Projects

Eco Drama has produced several creative learning projects and workshops over the years for a variety of settings. We are happy to be approached for new collaborations and commissions.

As well as creative learning workshops, Eco Drama connects the arts with practical action for nature by joining forces with communities and horticulturists to plant community orchards. We also create and deliver training and consultancy work. Read more about our current and past projects below.

Current Projects

Eco Drama - Project: Harvest Stories

Harvest Stories

Stories, songs and apples to inspire children about harvest and Scotland’s rich orchard heritage.
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Eco Drama - Project: Townhead Community Orchard

Townhead Community Orchard

Townhead Community Orchard was planted in 2013, and over a decade on, it is thriving and very much in bloom!
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Eco Drama - School Orchards - tree planting

School Orchards

A collaboration with ‘The Appletreeman’ Andrew Lear, supporting schools to plant and maintain an orchard.
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Eco Drama - Clydeside apples (and wellies!)

Pollok Grows Together

Pollok Grows Together During 2024-25, Eco Drama will collaborate with community members and organisations in Pollok, Glasgow, to plant a Community Orchard in the grounds of Pollok Community Centre.
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Training & Consultancy

Eco Drama can provide training sessions, presentations, talks and consultancy for organisations working across the creative, education and sustainability sectors. Each experience is bespoke to support the needs of your organisation.

Past talks and training subjects include;

Past clients include Education Scotland, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), Starcatchers, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS), Creative Carbon Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Learning for Sustainability Scotland, International School Grounds Alliance, Campference Australia, Glasgow Connected Arts Network.

Please contact Artistic Director Emily Reid to discuss your idea or proposal.

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Past Projects

Future Calling

A digital creative learning project exploring young people’s thoughts and ideas around climate change and encouraging engagement ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, held in Glasgow in 2021.
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Eco Drama - Recycling heroes - pledge

Recycling Heroes

Recycling Heroes is an interactive creative learning experience written around the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
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Eco Drama - Oil of Life

The Oil of Life

A secondary school creative climate change project, designed for S1 & S2 pupils.
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Eco Drama - kids blowing a windmill

Eco Gadgets

A creative learning science workshop suitable for P4-7 pupils, working with Agent Hope to become top class Green Agents.
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Eco Drama - BOING

Eco Drama Group

The Eco Drama Group was set up in partnership with The Whiteinch Centre, and was an exciting project working with young people from the local area from January – December 2014.
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Eco Drama - the Armchair Bike in Portobello

The Armchair Bike

The Armchair Bike is our unique way of exciting people about cycling and promoting alternative modes of transport in a fun eye-catching manner.
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