Townhead Community Orchard

Townhead Community Orchard was planted in 2013, and over a decade on, it is thriving and very much in bloom! Eco Drama will be returning to work with the community of Townhead in 2024-25.

2024-25 Project Summary

As part of our Glasgow Communities and Place funded project, Eco Drama will run a series of activities and events with the community of Townhead, to encourage people of all ages to celebrate their orchard and strengthen involvement.

Eco Drama - Project: Townhead Community Orchard - apples on tree

Community Engagement

Activities will include:

  • Drama Artist led creative workshops in spring and autumn 2024, working with local children to create informal performances inspired by Scotland’s orchard heritage.
  • An Apple Festival event in September 2024, including presentations of children’s performances and apple themed activities.
  • An Orchard Pruning & Aftercare Workshop for local volunteers.

Orchard Skills

The Orchard Training sessions and planting support for our orchard projects are led by The Appletreeman, Andrew Lear, an experienced horticulturist and orchard enthusiast. Sessions cover Scotland’s rich orchard heritage, pruning, pests, diseases and after care, equipping participants with the knowledge and basic skills necessary to maintain their community orchard.

Andrew Lear the Appletreeman
Eco Drama - Project: Townhead Community Orchard - tree planting

Get Involved

The orchard is thriving and now producing an abundance of fruit. Follow the Townhead Community Orchard and Garden and Townhead Village Hall pages on Facebook, or come and visit this oasis in the heart of Glasgow City Centre.

If you are interested in volunteering in the orchard, please contact Townhead Village Hall.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Apple Festival event in September 2024, please contact Eco Drama.


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