Let’s Go…Out to Play! First Edition

Suitable for teachers and education practitioners working with children aged 5-11 years.

The First Edition Out to Play Resource Pack is for primary school teachers and educators interested in exploring the role of Drama & Storytelling in Outdoor Learning. The sessions in this pack offer an introduction to outdoor learning through the mediums of drama, games, storytelling & song.*

Let’s Go…Out to Play’ Resource Pack (First Edition)
£12 per booklet plus £4 postage and packing (within UK)

*If you are working with children aged 5-11, we recommend purchasing the Second Edition ‘Let’s Go…Out to Play Resource Pack, if you are looking for just one resource pack at this time. If you’d like to widen your bank of nature stories, session plans and activities, then returning in future for the First Edition Resource Pack is highly recommended, or, if you buy both resource packs just now, receive a £3 discount on your order.

Front cover of 1st Edition Eco Drama resource pack
Eco Drama - Ben Mali Macfadyen

About the author: Ben Mali

Ben Mali Macfadyen is an artist, activist and community facilitator who has been part of the Out to Play team since the project was created in 2015. Ben was instrumental in developing the pilot project in four primary schools across Glasgow, and subsequently went on to deliver Out to Play residencies and teacher CPD sessions for 5 years with Eco Drama, as well as training new Drama Artists joining the team. Ben wrote the First Edition Out to Play Resource Pack and co-wrote the Second Edition ‘Let’s Go…Out to Play! Resource.

Ben is also a trained Primary School Teacher, and when he isn’t working with children, he teaches nature awareness, sustainable leadership, nurture, inclusion and creativity skills with diverse communities across Britain. Ben is committed to working alongside teachers and other community leaders whose commitment and skill is an endless source of inspiration.