The Oil of Life

A secondary school creative climate change project, designed for S1 & S2 pupils. We also delivered CPD training sessions for teachers on the use of drama as a creative learning tool as part of this experience.

“If things get better I’ll know I was part of it”

Ellie, S1 pupil

The Oil of Life challenges learners aged 11-13 to recognise the implications of oil usage in the 21st Century, and to re-think a sustainable future through drama, role-play and debate.

Groups of 20-25 pupils take part in 3 drama workshops over 3 consecutive weeks, working with Eco Drama workshop leaders to explore our relationship with oil, how our actions affect the natural environment, and discovering how we can all lead more sustainable lifestyles.

The Oil of Life workshops offer the chance for interdisciplinary learning across many areas of the Curriculum through the medium of Drama, specifically complimenting the subjects of Science and Social Studies, as well as Literacy and Health & Well Being.


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What teachers have to say…

“The workshops were excellent. Pupils were learning lots of information in an exciting way. They were challenged, engaged & really enjoyed it. I was impressed by the quality of their responses”

Teacher, St Mungo’s Secondary, Glasgow

“Really good for pupils and teachers, nice approach to difficult subject”

Teacher, St Thomas Aquinas Secondary, Glasgow

“The workshop leaders were excellent. They had all of the pupils engaged and on task and encouraged lots of interaction and high quality responses”

Teacher, Our Lady and St Patrick’s High, West Dunbartonshire

What pupils have to say…

“The workshop made me think of caring about where we are and how we live”

S1 pupil, St Peter the Apostle High School, West Dunbartonshire

“Every small change will count in the long run and I hope I can inspire others to do the same”

S2 pupil

“I really liked the workshop because it was easy to understand”

S1 pupil, St Peter the Apostle High School, West Dunbartonshire

“Eco Drama has broadened my mind to other alternatives to oil”

S1 pupil, Our Lady and St Patrick’s High, West Dunbartonshire
Pupil Programme
  • Suitability: S1 & S2, visiting secondary schools across Scotland
  • Running time: Each workshop runs at 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Resources: Follow-up Resources provided
Teacher CPD Workshop
  • Suitability: Secondary teachers from any subject, though we particularly recommend for teachers from Sciences and Geography.
  • Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes as a twilight session
  • Resources: Handout provided
Curriculum for Excellence links
  • Social Studies: People, Place & Environment
  • Science: Planet Earth, Materials, Topical Science
  • Expressive Arts: Drama
Eco Schools links
  • Transport, Energy
  • Waste Minimisation, Sustaining our World

Beneficiaries reached to date: 1,347

West Dunbartonshire Secondary Schools 2011
September – November 2011

Inverness Secondary Schools 2012
March 2012

Glasgow Secondary Schools 2012
October – November 2012

Glasgow Secondary Schools 2013
January – March 2013

Glasgow Secondary Schools 2014
January – March 2014

In addition to The Oil of Life workshop programme for pupils, Eco Drama also provides a Creative Learning CPD Workshop for all teachers within the school.

“I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place.”

Howard Gardner

Within the workshop we practically explore the potential of integrating drama within the curriculum as an interactive and effective way of learning. We explore creative learning techniques and consider how these can be integrated within specialist curriculum subjects. The leaders from Eco Drama also demonstrate some techniques used within The Oil of Life workshops, and tailor the experience to teachers’ specialist subjects.

Teacher CPD Workshop Reviews

Lots more teaching tips for active and visual learners – I’d like to try all of them and Teacher in Role I will definitely be exploring. Great workshop – relevant, reflective, relaxing

Enterprise and Technology Teacher, St Peter the Apostle High School

“Totally different approach to teaching key ideas and big issues in science”

Nikki MacArthur, Biology Teacher

“I want to start using more practical creative activities in my lessons and this gave me loads of ideas”

Jennifer Byrne, English Teacher

“It complements the workshop the pupils experienced and gives me ideas for further extension work”

Glynis Poole, Drama Teacher

“I could create a drama unit from this workshop”

Drama Teacher, Glasgow

Lots of active learning ideas I can adapt to use easily – the session was great, thanks

Chemistry Teacher, Vale of Leven Academy

“Excellent experience – refreshing and opens up possibilities for the future!”

Drama Teacher, Hillpark Secondary