Eco Drama Group

The Eco Drama Group was set up in partnership with The Whiteinch Centre, and was an exciting project working with young people from the local area from January – December 2014. Participants took part in weekly drama workshops led by two Drama Artists – Deborah McArthur and Deborah Hahn.

The Eco Drama Group facilitated the exploration of young people’s interests in themes of ecology through theatre and performance, and provided a platform for re-imagining our relationship to the natural world.

The group was young person led, with participants having the opportunity to steer the group in the direction of their own interests within the overall theme of ‘Imagining Better Worlds’. The group’s focus was on the process, although they did work towards an informal sharing of their work at the end of each term.

A blog on the group can be found below.

Eco Drama - KA-POW!
Decorative figure - feather

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