Yas Mawer

Drama Artist, Out to Play

Hi, my name is Yas Mawer! I am a Glasgow-based performance artist, maker, and participatory drama artist/facilitator. I often work with both live performance and film, and much of my work centres around environment, ecology, and sustainable practice.

I come from a working-class background in a small, seaside town in the North-East of England called Grimsby. I spent most of my childhood surrounded by trees, dirt, and water – exploring the natural world around me. Outdoor imaginative play has always brought me a level of peace, excitement, and wonder that feels irreplaceable to me, even now as an adult. Whether it be dipping my bare feet into wild trickling streams or digging my fingers into the dirt between the pavement bricks outside my house.

I believe it is vital that we encourage young people to take an interest in the natural world, to feel connected to it, and to feel passionate about helping to maintain it in whatever way they can.

I graduated from the Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2019 and have since been involved in multiple outdoor collaborative performance works, as well as working in various settings with young people exploring drama and play. I am also studying towards a degree in Environmental Science.

Eco Drama artist - Yas Mawer