Recycling Heroes

Recycling Heroes is an interactive creative learning experience written around the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Through a fun and informative drama workshop led by the fearless Bag Girl, participants are encouraged to find their own inner recycling hero and rid the town of the menacing Rubbish Monsters!

Bag Girl travels to schools and venues in a 100% electric car, inspiring children about greener modes of transport. See Green Touring for more information.


“The workshop leader was superb. She had P1-3 enthralled for an hour. Absolutely excellent! It was so interactive the timing was great.” Jenny Meighan, P1/2 Teacher Uplawmoor Primary

“I really enjoyed the dynamic, fast paced approach. Short and active and the info was clear and easily absorbed. High fun factor”
Class Teacher, Knoxland Primary, West Dunbartonshire

“The themes – re-use, reduce, recycle were very relevant and were delivered in a fun way, which engaged the children”
Class Teacher, Cunard School, West Dunbartonshire

“Very engaging, informative & active. Children were able to further develop their current knowledge and apply it almost instantly!” Teacher, Hyndland Primary

“It was interesting and very good advice. I hope Bag Girl will come again”
Shonagh, P3/4 pupil, Gavinburn Primary, West Dunbartonshire

“I feel I could stay a Recycling Hero forever”
P4 pupil, St Mirin’s Primary, Glasgow