Eco Gadgets

The Eco Gadgets workshop explores themes of sustainability, specifically relating to transport and energy.

Pupils meet Hope, a Green Agent who will show them the latest eco gadgets, all of which could help solve our global warming problem… a solar powered windmill, hydrogen powered car, a boat run on nothing but candle wax, plus a very special mystery gadget!

Using drama, role play and undertaking special training tasks, pupils work with Hope to become top class Green Agents for the environment!


“I learned that the Earth needs our support in surviving, also that working as a team will be better”
Pupil, St Mungo’s Primary, Glasgow

 “I liked learning about the eco gadgets, it made me think twice”
Pupil, St Mungo’s Primary, Glasgow 

“For my class everything was spot on. Very enjoyable afternoon for the children and myself. We all learned a  great deal”
Class Teacher, Gavinburn Primary, West Dunbartonshire

“Loved the active, vibrant approach to Eco Education”
Class Teacher, St Angela’s Primary, Glasgow

“Good links with the curriculum and great for wider thinking – global warming and its effects on the whole  world”
Mrs Rowan, Class Teacher, Ruchill Primary, Glasgow