Whiteinch Eco Ministers

Now into our 2nd term the Eco Drama Group is going from strength to strength. The group are working on a project where they imagine themselves to be Eco Minister from a party called the Pollution Destroyers.

The Pollution Destroyers party are working towards a more ecological Whiteinch, but with politics of course there is an opposing party – The Whiteinch Trashpack, who love nothing more than an unhealthy lifestyle and to pollute the area. This term these two parties will go head to head in a local election.

This week the Pollution Destroyers got out into Whiteinch and picked up litter and look around the local area but the Whiteinch Trashpack were close by messing this afternoon up. So the Pollution Destroyers went back to their base to prepare their speeches for election night.

Who will win the votes in Whiteinch?……………….. we’ll keep you posted!