Sophie McCabe

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I’m Sophie and I’m one of Eco Drama’s Out to Play Drama Artist’s in 2019, working at two schools that specialise in supporting pupils with different needs – Hampden and Langlands.  I’m looking forward to this new challenge, after working on four previous Out to Play residencies in mainstream primary schools (Merrylee and Chirnsyde in 2017 and Darnley and Cardonald Primary Schools in 2018). You can read more about my experiences at those schools in previous Out to Play Blogs here. I also helped to write the second Out to Play Resource pack, ‘Let’s Go…Out to Play!’. More info here.

I work as a  freelance performer, community artist and project manager mainly using my specialisms of drama, storytelling and play.  My experience has featured a lot of early years and additional support needs work, with companies including Sense Scotland, Edinburgh Science Festival and Ipdip Theatre, amongst others. I also write comedy and recently set up my own small company, Toybox Creative.

Most recently, I’ve been CEO of a new project – motherhood, having given birth to my son in February! I’m grateful for a chance to return to work on a project I am both familiar with, and with the opportunity to help shape Out to Play for additional support needs schools. I will have more of a sensory exploration approach to my workshops this year, while still focusing on the key aim of using creativity to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors and engage with the natural world.

I’m looking forward to going out to play again!