Townhead Community Orchard

Over two days, on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of November 2013, an orchard of 30 Scottish heritage fruit trees were planted in an underused space at the back of the recently built Townhead Village Hall in Glasgow City Centre. With expert guidance from the ‘Appletreeman’ over 70 volunteers of all ages helped to dig holes, plant trees and protect them with the necessary stakes and guards. Many of these volunteers also undertook training in fruit tree after-care and pruning. The orchard was unveiled to the sounds of Scottish pipes and the Townhead community were then invited to enjoy entertainment that included a display of over 80 apple varieties, live folk music, face-painting, apple pressing and a performance of Eco Drama’s production ‘The Forgotten Orchard’. Hungry stomachs were filled with locally sourced apples, home-made cakes, and Parsnip and Apple soup. A great day was had by all.

To read some feedback from the Townhead Community Orchard Planting Days, please click here: Townhead Community Orchard Evaluation Report 

Here’s a wee video clip to give you a taste of the atmosphere at the hall on the Saturday, with thanks Billi Ramsay for the video, and all who contributed to making this a truly special event.

View some more photos of the event on our facebook page.

View pictures of the orchard in its first year – Townhead Community Orchard July 2014.

View pictures of the orchard 3 years on – Townhead Community Orchard 2016.

View pictures of the orchard and apple harvest in 2020 – Townhead Community Orchard 2020

View pictures of the blossom on the fruit trees – Townhead Community Orchard Blossom, May 2022 

The orchard is thriving and now producing an abundance of fruit. Follow the Townhead Community Orchard and Garden and Townhead Village Hall pages on facebook, or come and visit this oasis in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. If you are interested in volunteering in the orchard, please contact Townhead Village Hall.