Eco Drama Group

Our Eco Drama Group was set up in partnership with The Whiteinch Centre, and was an exciting project working with young people from the local area from January – December 2014. Participants took part in weekly drama workshops led by two Drama Artists – Deborah McArthur and Deborah Hahn.

The Eco Drama Group facilitated the exploration of young people’s interests in themes of ecology through theatre and performance, and provided a platform for re-imagining our relationship to the natural world.

The group was young person led, with participants having the opportunity to steer the group in the direction of their own interests within the overall theme of ‘Imagining Better Worlds’.  The group’s focus was on the process, although they did work towards informal sharing’s of their work at the end of each term.

A blog on the group can be found below.

Eco Drama Group Blog

Eco Drama Group Term 3

What a busy term we have had, I can’t believe 13 weeks have flashed by as quick as they did. The group have grown in knowledge and confidence and this term more than any has been participant led. The group have brought in books, thoughts and ideas to direct what we explored which has been […]

Some lovely feedback

We recently received this email from a parent of a participant attending the Eco Drama Group; Hi Emily Julita at the Whiteinch Centre gave me your contact details. My daughter Katie thoroughly enjoyed the Eco Drama sessions at Jigsaw last term and has cared for her courgette seedling through the summer holidays.  She wanted to […]

Voting day arrived…..

For the past 3months the Eco Drama group had been exploring being an Eco Minister and what policies they would put in place should they gain power of Whiteinch. The group created 2 parties – The Whiteinch Trashpack and the Pollution Destroyers. The final event consisted of campaign posters, speeches, videos, movement and the all […]

Hoping for a sprout….

  Today we had the pleasure of planting chocolate mint, lavender mint, spearmint and curry plants as well as lettuce and courgette seeds. The group had a messy but great time and all our seeds and cuttings are potted and stored and we all have our fingers crossed they grow into larger plants that we […]

Whiteinch Eco Ministers

Now into our 2nd term the Eco Drama Group is going from strength to strength. The group are working on a project where they imagine themselves to be Eco Minister from a party called the Pollution Destroyers. The Pollution Destroyers party are working towards a more ecological Whiteinch, but with politics of course there is […]