The Worm Inspectors

Does a worm have eyes? How do they chew food? And what on earth is a gizzard?!

Visiting your school from the special ‘Sector W’, The Worm Inspectors will help learners to understand the life of a worm, the value of food waste and how to create a worm’s ideal menu.

Through interaction, humour and a game of ‘Feed the Giant Worm’, the Worm Inspectors will encourage learners to dispose of food waste in their wormery so that the worms will be well fed!


On behalf of the very lucky pupils who got to see your fabulous show, thank you for visiting Kelvindale Primary. The show was again fantastic, delivered appropriately for age and stage and with excellent pupil interaction… As we are closely moving forward to being assessed for our 4th green eco flag, your company has helped to further embed the eco message that we work hard to deliver.”

Natalie Morrison, Teacher Kelvindale Primary

It was great I couldn’t take my eyes off the Worm Inspectors. They told us information and made it so fun. It was fantastic! Brodie P4 Pupil, Our Lady of Missions Primary

“I thought that The Worm Inspectors were very cheery, lively and explained all about the job – it was a fun way of learning!” Jenny, P7a

“I liked how they explained how worms help our earth, how the trees & plants absorb nutrients, and I enjoyed that they got everybody laughing…I personally thought it was very entertaining. I felt like I wanted to watch it again.” Drew McCartney, P6, Corpus Christie

“Worms are more important than I thought.” Jonathon P7a

I enjoyed identifying the foods they eat.” Pupil, Kilbarchan Primary

I enjoyed it when the worm pooped! Brilliant!” Aeryn, P7a

Thoughts on keeping a school wormery…

It is fun and I like looking after a thousand pets”. James, Langbank Primary

It is very good learning how worms live and a great responsibility”. Ewan, Langbank Primary

“Our Primary 6 class have loved using the wormery. They are using the recycling from the food bins in the dinner hall to top up the food for the worms. They are really enjoying the responsibility of caring for the worms and are excited to make use of the compost.” Craig McCrorie, Deput Head Teacher, Heriot Primary