Out to Play Report 2018

We are delighted to publish the 2018 Out to Play Report, which captures year 2 of our award-winning creative learning project Out to Play, which is running from 2017-2020. 2018 was an exciting year for Out to Play as we not only delivered the residencies in primary schools, but expanded to include nurseries also, developing and pioneering the Out to Play approach in early years settings.

First piloted in 2015, Out to Play has now reached over 2,830 children and 360 teachers across greater Glasgow and Scotland, championing the role of the arts and creativity in outdoor learning and learning for sustainability. 2018 was our biggest year to date, achieved by collaborating with 4 fantastic Drama Artists – Sophie McCabe, Sarah Rankin, Dan Serridge and Ben Mali Macfadyen.

The 2018 report is a testimonial to the positive impact which the project is having on children, young people, teachers and nursery practitioners in school and nursery settings, and demonstrates incredibly positive progression and impact in all key areas.

We hope you enjoy reading about our progress with the project.

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Pupil’s Feedback 

“It has inspired me to care about nature!”
“I learned more about working together.”
“Nature is important. I think about things in a different way than before.”
“I loved playing outside, it was really fun. I wished that we had another session …it was so fun! I loved it all!”
“I learned that all parts of nature are linked.”
“I learned how to act in stories “
“I learned to be brave.”
“I think about things in a different way to before. Before I thought that there was no rubbish in the sea.”
“I’ve always loved nature, but now I love it even more.”
“I enjoyed the stories most because it is a lot of fun telling stories.”
“We really loved having a visit from a “real explorer ” and liked going outside”

Teachers Feedback

“The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring nature issues through drama and storytelling and as it was delivered in a way that I could model, my confidence has increased greatly”.

Elaine Gillies, P6 teacher, Cardonald Primary

“Their awareness of the wonder of a small pinch of soil, the potential of a seed or a puddle and where these will take their imagination has opened a formerly closed view of their natural surrounding through a magical window on the world.”

Lesley A. Morrison, Westercraigs Nursery School

“Their understanding of the word “nature” improved…”

Jennifer Hall, Cardonald Primary, P3/2 teacher

“The children have said that being outside makes them feel better.”

Jennifer Hall, Cardonald Primary, P3/2 teacher

“Children are exhibiting better interaction with their peers in imaginative play”

“The activities that Sophie demonstrated took away my ‘fear ’ of drama and changed my perception of what a drama/outdoor lesson should be.”

“I can now feel comfortable implementing these sessions into my own teaching. Children showed a greater engagement with imaginative stories. Children who normally find it difficult to engage did. Fun beneficial and something different!”

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