Out to Play in a Day for Nurseries & Primary Schools

Out to Play In a Day invites early years settings and primary schools to spend one full day with a professional Drama Artist. Delivered in the playground, the day enables children to experience the Out to Play approach and for staff to witness arts-based outdoor learning sessions in action. A twilight CPD closes the day, with participating staff joining the Drama Artist for an enjoyable, interactive and reflective CPD session which supports the development of an arts-based outdoor learning practice.

“Was very beneficial, and great to see the children engaging in imaginative play. I learned great new ideas and strategies. Thank you!”

How Does It Work?

The Drama Artist facilitates 3-4 arts-based, outdoor drama and storytelling sessions with groups of the nursery’s pre-school children, or any class from P1-7, throughout the day. The day also includes a CPD session, tailored to each school’s unique playground space. The training offers staff the chance to explore the Out to Play approach in more depth, equipping participants with further skills and confidence to lead their own creative outdoor learning sessions.

Each setting receives a set number of Out to Play Resource Packs for each member of staff participating in the CPD session.

“I loved the enthusiasm from the staff at Eco Drama. As someone who is very passionate about outdoor learning and play, it was motivating to learn more and continue to develop my confidence in different ways.”

Eco Drama
Eco Drama - Out to Play Resource Packs

A Creative Approach to Outdoor Learning

All activities which are covered during Out to Play In a Day are inspired by the sessions contained within the Early Years or Primary Level Resource Packs, thus modelling the Out to Play method and lesson plans for the staff receiving the training and resources.

Out to Play in a Day sessions are focused on themes of nature and learning for sustainability, but the Out to Play techniques can be used to bring any great story to life!


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To book Out to Play in a Day for your school or nursery, or to discuss commissioning it for multiple settings within your council, please contact Schools Project Manager Suzanne Prak-Sandilands –

suzanne@ecodrama.co.uk or call 0141 552 9920


“Excellent delivery of the training. Made me feel confident taking part and working with the children doing drama outdoors.”

“I thought the training was very relevant and interesting. I enjoyed all aspects of it. I thought it was very good seeing the Drama Artist working with the children then doing the CPD training afterwards.”

“Loved the day. It was very inspirational. A well thought out and rewarding experience”.

“The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the water themed sessions during the day and the cpd session in the afternoon. Staff are already discussing how they can incorporate some of the ideas they have seen and learned from the out to play in a day sessions. Thanks so much!”

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100% of early years practitioners taking part in Out to Play in a Day feel there has been a progression in their confidence.

100% would recommend Out to Play in a Day to a colleague from another nursery.

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