Eco Drama Group Term 3

What a busy term we have had, I can’t believe 13 weeks have flashed by as quick as they did. The group have grown in knowledge and confidence and this term more than any has been participant led. The group have brought in books, thoughts and ideas to direct what we explored which has been fantastic.

What we have looked at

Over the past 13weeks we have explored;

  • How the planet began
  • What dinosaur times would be like
  • Evolution of man
  • The present day and how materialistic people have become
  • Being explorers
  • Time travel
  • Future worlds
  • Future materials and objects

We have explored these topics using;

  • Tableaus
  • Mime
  • Improvisation
  • Exploration of props
  • Map making
  • Video recording
  • Games

The term culminated in the participants leading their peers in an Eco Drama workshop. Participants each led a game or exercise they had enjoyed from the term. Each participant had something different they wanted to share with their peers which was great. The Eco Drama participants led their exercise with ease and confidence and could answer any questions asked to them.

It has been an enjoyable 12months. The group has used their imaginations, discussed, debated, explored, created, questioned and examined the past, present and future focusing on ecological topics.