The Forgotten Orchard

“Oh, Clydeside apple, ma bitter sweet neighbour, your skins fair bulgin wi zest an flavour, an a taste so strang it could toss the caber, and build big ships. The mair I munch, the mair I savour, right doon to yer pips…”

Autumn 2014 is our third year touring The Forgotten Orchard, estimated to reach approximately 8,500 young people aged 6+ and wider communities by the end of its run.

From September – November we’ll be visiting primary schools across greater Glasgow, as well as the following theatres and harvest events: –

  • Paisley Arts Centre – Friday 24th October – performances at 10.30am & 1.30pm
  • Eastwood Park Theatre – Sunday 26th October – performances at 11am & 2pm
  • Orchard Gathering 2014, hosted by The Fife Diet, Victoria Halls, Dunblane – Friday 7th November at 7pm (Book Tickets Here)

This year a further 14 primary schools will plant their own school orchards as part of the project, bringing the total count to 35 school orchards planted through The Forgotten Orchard project since 2012.  Eco Drama, with funding support from the Climate Challenge Fund, have been supporting interested schools with fully funded orchard training and 3 free Scottish apple trees to get started, ensuring a practical legacy from the performance.

The Forgotten Orchard is a funny and emotional tale that follows the relationship between Katy & her Grandad and his beloved orchard full of Scottish apple trees. It’s a story of kinship, local food and legacy and re-welcomes to our plate the charismatic Scottish apples of our heritage; Tam Montgomery, Scotch Dumpling, The Bloody Ploughman (and all its gore) and the local Glaswegian apple Clydeside, bringing with it a local food message that is pertinent to our current times.

****   The Scotsman

“Informative but entertaining…it succeeds by putting its story and characters first…a superb piece of storytelling.”

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